Saturday 9th January 2016, 6:30pm it has been raining on and off all day.

Leaving the house to some slight rain we headed off to Headless Cross Green .. just about half a mile away.

By the time we get to the green the rain is starting to get a little heavier.  Just as we step out of the car to take everything over to the green, the heavens opened.  The car door was open for approximately 1 minute and the carpets were soaked through.

Fortunately, we were under a gazebo so whilst we could see the torrential downpour we were only marginally affected by it when the wind picked up and blew the rain sideways. 

The revellers could be heard coming up the street and the band struck off with a march to welcome them onto the green. 

Following a welcome from the town crier everyone sang Here We Come a Wassailing accompanied by the band. 

Then there was an open air play performed by the Webheath Players before everyone sang Juicealem to the famous tune of Jerusalem.  Finally, hot mulled cider was available for all those brave enough to attend in the weather.

All in all - it was a fabulous evening made even more amusing by the wild weather. 



 Wassail Revellers braving the weather Wassail Play by the Webheath Players

All photos courtesy of Emma Mullins (from the Headless Cross Green group on Facebook)