Saturday 12th March came round and the band gathered at the village hall in Inkberrow for a final rehearsal.

Things went well in rehearsal and everyone was in high spirits as they piled onto the coach bound for Bedworth.

The band was in the second half of the draw and was eventually drawn to play 14th. 

The warm up went well (wish someone would provide music stands in the warm up room ...) and soon enough the band was registered and in the spotlight

On the day the nerves struck as they often do and we came away with 9th place - right in the middle of the table.

Our friends and local adversaries Stourport On Severn Brass Band came second and so are off to Cheltenham for the finals in September.

In the other sections some of our other friends did well, Cleobury Mortimer Concert Brass won the 4th section and the band is very pleased for them.

Band contests are an oddity and never seem to go the way anyone expects - however - its the going, taking part and meeting up with old friends that always makes the contest day an interesting one. 

Roll on 2017